UGC is 6 months old!!

Hello everyone, today marks 6 months UGC has been alive, time really flys when your having fun huh? The progress we have made since day one is staggering to say the least and its all due you our amazing members!
We now have our very own internal movie group BreakTime and boy do we have big plans in the works for them, we also have added a games release group OVERCLOCKED which is getting some very good reviews. We have added many custom features that were both needed and asked for by the members and we only have more awesome features to come!
We can promise everyone the good times will continue as we strive to become the best site we can be for you our beloved community.

Thanks for your support,

UGC Staff

P.S. If you are not a member and would like to apply for an invite you can do so here, we try and review all apps within 24 hours or less (usually less).

EDIT: The day UGC opened their were 3 of us and 1 torrent today we have 4,622 registered members with an average of 400 visitors a day, as for torrents we now have 4,542 and counting!