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Thread: u2.dmhy News - Appeal system(beta) now live

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    u2.dmhy News - Appeal system(beta) now live

    We made an in-site appeal system for banned users.
    Features you could use after banned: contact staff, read PMs, send PMs (to staff members only)
    We may kick you out permanently if any of the following conditions are met:
    1. commited trade or other serious rule violations
    2. your unban request failed
    3. abuse of the appeal system

    We may change this system without notice since it's new.
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    It seems that U2 is now opening its doors more widely to the world after setting a recruitment topic and now appeal system!
    In my mind in my head this is where we all came from
    Dreams we had the love we shared this is what we're waiting for

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    @zhanglin - they have 7,189 / 7,200 users i guess it will be the case till the maximum is reached again
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