Well we have updated what you get when you join.The list is below

5 gigs went up to 10 when a user joins
200 bonus points went up to 500 bonus
5 freeleech slots went up to 10

For existing members you received the difference last week

Well for America Halloween is on its way .
We hope you all get Treats and not tricks.

As you know we are closed to open signups but you may invite your friends.
We have been thinking of coding in a hit and run system which we are morally

The reason we may have to in time is to keep Twilight alive.
Since we lost our donation method we have lost all our subscribers.
They kept us going monthly without worries.

This is not written in stone and will not happen for a couple of weeks
even if we decide we have no choice.

Enough of the pessimistic stuff.

We are running over 25,000 torrents and just plain having fun as normal.

Remember when going to the downloads to check the holiday category.
They are always free to grab in that section.YEY!

We are ahead on server costs because of the past donations given by our
generous supporters in the past.It seems this month they have dropped
tremendously.We are at 11.8% with 8 days left in this period.

So we are still good for now.YEY!

Since we normally send this out once every month or two ....All the staff
Wishes you a Happy Halloween if you participate in this holiday.

Remember to invite your friend to Twilight with your invites you have.

The Twilights Staff