From site's staff on their Facebook page:

Hello fellow chaotics!

I am up to date with all your messages, but as there were so many it is possible that one or 2 slipped through the net. If you have sent a message in the last week or so and not received an answer please send me another.

I will continue doing your password resets in the run up to Christmas and will try to keep up during the festivities as well, so no need to worry, you will all get your Xmas TV fixes.

Please don't forget to include your username and if possible your registered email. You would be surprised how many do and I really can't help without the relevant info!!!
If you can't remember your name then please guess as many times as you like and provide all possible emails so I at least have something to go on.

Do not post your account/email details in the comments of this or any other post on this page...account information is private and you may find yourself drowning in spam if you post your email!

Please note that I have nothing to do with the day to day running of the site so if you have a question or problem that is not related to accessing the site you should address it to the staff over there, as they are better placed to answer your queries. Please do check the forums first though as your question has most likely already been addressed.

Wishing you all a very happy holidays!