Well it’s the most wonderful time of the year !

In the run up till Christmas our annual advent calendar is now upon us, so have a look at the bar. Or here: christmastorrents.php?

Bah Humbugs! For those who do not like the Christmas theme then it can be reverted back in your profile.

:rudolph: We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas :tshlove:
:snowman: :santawink::santawink: :snowman:

Hit & Running
As most will have noticed there is now a listing of hit and runs on account. This is in beta and would be triggered when the following happens:

you have 5 torrents not seeded for 24 hours or more upon completion after 7 days

For now we are just monitoring and will announce the final version a few days before it does go live. We will use the beta testing period to keep an eye on how the system is working. Particular attention will be paid to the Christmas packs.

We are looking at ways in which to improve retention for all.

Please note no data will be stored on site unless you decide to “Hit and Run” so any data held is up to YOU, all data is deleted when the hit and run is cleared

And again this is in BETA so we are just testing at the moment, fair warning will be given if and when this goes live, and updates to rules / policies will be communicated.

Discuss it here