To all members,

This announcement is to clarify the criteria for VIP membership as many have asked what the requirements are.

First of all at this time we have no plans to sell VIP membership and existing VIP members will continue with no time restrictions on their access.

TmGHub staff continually monitor memberís activity and at their discretion will grant VIP privileges to any member who we feel is greatly contributing to the site and deserves something extra to encourage his activity here.

This would include, but not limited to, torrents uploaded, seeding, activity on forums, as well as general behavior on the site. All these factors are taken into consideration before a decision is made.

For example if a member is very active in the forums, has made a lot of releases and seeds for a long time but is rude to others on the site, then he would not be considered for VIP status.

VIP members have access to certain sections of the site that are not available to regular members and VIP membership is only given at the discretion of staff. Once VIP status is granted to any member, he/she is still fully expected to follow all rules and any violation will result in their VIP status being revoked without warning.

Staff decision will be final in the selection of VIP members as well as anytime if we have to revoke their access.

Note that these are the current requirements and based on circumstances, they can be amended without notice in future

Thanks for your support
TmGHub Staff