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Thread: These Are The Best Torrent Sites Of 2018 According To Alexa

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    These Are The Best Torrent Sites Of 2018 According To Alexa

    Most of you must be knowing what I am going to pin down in this article, still, let me do the honor to do the needful. If you wish to download a movie, a software or its cracks, a full OS or even an entire music album, torrent sites are always at your service. Ok, I just missed adding the word ďfree.Ē Yes, folks, you can download everything and anything for free.

    But the sites that offer such services do have to bear the wrath of internet governing bodies. Interestingly, there are a couple of new names in the rundown due to the elimination of some of the better-known torrent sites.

    Now, letís get to the point. If you are a computer freak and are always busy in downloading some or the other stuff, I expect you to be aware of the KAT (KickassTorrents). According to the Alexa site ranking, KAT was the most visited BitTorrent directory in the world, taking the crown from The Pirate Bay. Sadly, due to privacy issues, the US government pulled down the KAT servers on 20 July 2016.

    Currently, the torrent list is dominated by Pirate Bay and there are other names also that you will learn while going down the article. To keep it simple, I have also mentioned the Alexa ranking for each site. Did I just hear, what is Alexa Ranking? Cool, everyone is not supposed to know everything, you do have the leverage to miss out stuff.

    Alexa Internet, Inc. is a company that provides commercial web traffic data and analytics. It evaluates the site ranking by the combined measure of Unique Visitors and Pageviews. Therefore, Alexa Rank closely exhibits the website ranking. Currently, it covers 30 million websites.

    One more thing before I kick-off, many of the torrent websites might be blocked in some countries due to security purposes, but using a VPN service like Private Internet Access or ExpressVPN will help you to flout the ban.

    Without wasting much time, roll your eyes further on the most popular torrent sites of this year.

    1. The Pirate Bay

    One of the oldest and best torrent sites in the list. The site runs on its original domain. After the evaporation of KickAss Torrents, it is the TPB that is holding the crown. One can find end number of movies, TV shows, games, software, audiobooks, and songs over here. The element that takes TPB at the top is the number of seeds that you will find on this site, which ultimately will help you in faster downloads.

    Alexa Rank:


    The next contender in the list is the RARBG. The site is primarily for P2P freaks. RARBG offers torrents that have top quality, and high-resolution. The site came into existence in 2008, and since then, it is facilitating peer-to-peer file sharing using the BitTorrent protocol. However, while downloading the content, get ready to bump into a lot of advertisements.

    Alexa Rank:

    3. 1337X

    In the recent years, 1337X was able to garner a lot of traffic due to its quality content. If you have already been to this site, you will swear by the precise placement of stuff all over the site. The site has a dedicated group of uploaders that provide fresh content. Moreover, it has a set of different categories that include a Trending section and displays popular torrents for the week.

    Alexa Rank: 6794

    4. (

    The YTS.AG torrent is known for its high quality and legit content. The site is the unofficial successors of the extinct YTS or YIFY group and specializes in movie torrents rather than anything else. To ease the mess of finding something particular, provides a search box along with many other filters and sorting options. The users can also request for content and submit feedback to the operators of the site.

    Alexa Rank: 208


    After the closure of site, made the appearance. The site only contains torrent hashes and no external torrent sites. The site also offers MyTorrentz section where the users can employ the tag bubble and see verified torrents for different categories. You can also find the mirror of with the domain name

    Alexa Rank: 562


    Like few other torrent sites, its actual distribution group EZTV was shut down way back in 2015. offers a vast list of TV show torrents for downloading, which many other torrent sites miss. Due to this reason, the user may find it hard to find every torrent on this site, but whatever you are able to amass, the quality wonít be compromised. There is a section called Countdown List where the user can track any future torrent uploads.

    Alexa Rank: 943


    This is one of the best torrent sites for me due to their remarkable content database. Several other torrent search engines use its torrent cache iTorrents. has a number of categories including TV Series, Movies, Games, Applications, and Anime. The site operators have managed the content well by separating the lists of top trending 100 torrents and latest torrents uploads.

    Alexa Rank: 915


    The one thing that separates from other torrent sites is the dashboard design on their homepage. The torrent site has categorized the top torrent sites in different categories like Books, Sports, Apps, etc. Due to its credibility, other sites use it for searching torrents.

    Alexa Rank:

    9. Zooqle

    Zooqle has its own ground to be listed over here. The torrent site offers an impressive database, and the frequency of legitimate files is again remarkable. Interestingly, Zooqle has nearly three million verified torrents that speak volume of its success.

    Alexa Rank: 2


    Donít ignore this torrent site just because it is listed in the last. I have purposely put it here because after going through so many of torrent sites, you must be rewarded and TorLock is yours. This torrent site sternly stands against the fake torrents and even pays the users if he figures out any. Didnít I say, a reward?

    Alexa Rank: 7072

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    There's a new Kickass, although i don't if it's legit ( Also, how does log into rarbg? I tried to upload a torrent i have on piratebay there too but don't allow registrations anymore.

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