An Important Opportunity to Improve Your Site: New Contest Announced!

Dear Member,

It has been many years since we added or changed the forums. They are what differentiate this self-help site from other sites, and ThePlace forums are one of the best sources for information, advice, and beneficial tips that may have benefited you personally as you look back and consider it.

As you know, the forums are the lifeblood of the site.

Today Staff is announcing a new contest to restructure the forums - it's time to shake things up!


  • Take this chance to shape the forums now
  • Staff will be watching and listening closely to your ideas
  • You will have the opportunity to add, delete, or change forums in your proposal
  • Earn Gigabytes of Ratio just for participating!


First Place: 100 GB or 15% of your Upload Ratio in GB (Your choice - Whichever is higher!)
Second Place: 25 GB
Everyone who enters: 3 GB (See thread for details!)

Join The Contest Now!