Walkabouts: Listen to Paraliminals While Exercising

Paraliminals are a technology developed by Paul Scheele at Learning Strategies, which uses NLP to activate your whole mind and create lasting personal change.

Walkabouts are the newest innovation in paraliminals. In it, you use kinetic sequencing, a technique which uses body coordination and breathing to connect your body and mind and create an ideal state for learning. This enhances the effects of paraliminals, producing positive change faster.

By practicing with the paraliminals, you will learn to access this state of heightened body awareness on your own. In addition to the effects of paraliminals, you will notice improved physical and mental health, enhanced athletic performance, and better sleep.

This program includes walkabouts for Abundance, Creative Thinking and Quiet Mind.

Walkabouts is available as a digital download for $200. This group buy also needs an organizer