Freeleeches @ 2017-05-12 06:46:07 GMT
Do be aware of the new policy re *not* overseeding free torrents.

A few members have abused the free status of some torrents and dominate the FREE swarms to the detriment of others on slower connections.

It is hard to define set figures, and moderators will use their discretion in all cases, but in general terms, overseeding is considered the seeding of new, free torrents to a ratio in excess of around 4.00 within the first 24 hours of the torrent being added to the site or a torrent being made free.

Members may find they will receive a personalized PM from a moderator or administrator requiring them to adjust their seeding patterns or times.

Failure to adhere to the UL limit on the free leeches, or being downright rude to staff in reply, will either get your seedbox ip firewalled, your account a warning or your account disabled - depending on the severity of the truculence.

This comes under General Rule No.1 - Defying staff's expressed wishes.

~Post is thanks to & slightly adapted from TheEmpire~