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Sticky, P2P groups, Seedbonus and HitNRun


Something's happening right now. We launched sticky in the P2P section a week ago. Right now, it's EGN, PTNK and RELEASED who got the honor to get sticky. We would also like to welcome RELEASED to us.

We have also posted something on the page we call seed bonus. Nothing new under the sun in the torrent world. But something that was high on the proposal list. If you are looking for a torrent for a long time, you will get more upload. You can look further at the bonus page how it works.

Then we have also launched a hit node system on the page. You can see underneath your profile what torrents you have left to see. As usual, 48H or 1: 1 ratio applies. Every Friday, at the same time as the bonus is awarded, it will go through everyone's hotlist lists. If you have a torrent that you have left home four days ago back or more, and not seeded 48H or 1: 1, you will get a PM with information about the torrents and a Warning.

The idea is that if you have not seeded 48H or 1: 1 on these torrents until the next Friday, the account will be deactivated. In due course, it will also be possible to buy hitnumuns in the bonus shop: one.

We hope to increase the activity on the page.

/ Staff

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