Google Translation:

Good evening to you.

Here is some information about what is happening on the page.

We have as of yesterday have given the people who do not have accounts on superbts, the opportunity to apply for the invite. Information on how to apply can be found on the login page. There are currently two private trackers going to have as a reference, it will be supplemented with more.

We also released BETA2 on torrents games a while ago. New information available in the community.

There have been some problems with the doors closed for some time, we hope to be solved now, most anyway.

There have also been some problems with the e-mails, but it should be fixed now with the new SMTP from the end of last weekend.

Would like to thank those who shared with us your archives last week. Since the launch on Sunday, until now it has come up nearly 3,500 new torrents. There is an increase in the number torrent of 29% in six days. Let's hope it does well for the store eventually.

Now it's time for uppesittarkväll, so I will not bother you any more.

We in the Staff wish you a Merry Christmas.