New and improved interactive TV Guide upgrade

We would like to Thank You all for your patience during the time that our amazing site coder transformed our TV Guide!
Administrators wish to officially update all Members on some of the changes that have been made to the TV Guide.


As promised, we are here with yet more upgrades.
Today we are officially introducing our TV Guide. It has been in beta for a year, and thanks to all of your feedback and suggestions, we are finally out of beta phase. Without further ado let's see what we have done.

1. We have added Watch List Progress

Now when you visit the TV Guide page, beside the upcoming shows that you follow, you will see a new section called "My Watch List Progress".

This section helps you with the shows that you have followed, and overall makes it easier to keep track of. It shows how many episodes you have watched so far, and indicates your progress with a circular green bar around the poster. Once you've marked all episodes as "Watched", the poster will fade away allowing you to focus on other remaining shows.

2. A Much neater TV Schedule

We did some changes to Schedule UI and took a much simpler approach.

Now we have two permanent columns. On the left side we keep only Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow whilst on the right side we have the following 7 days.
We have also removed a lot of irrelevant shows and only kept what was important to make the list smaller and easier to catch up on.

3. Rich detailed show page!

The Show details page got a whole new level.

Now we cover all important information about the show that is relevant to the site. We cover network information, country and almost all Cast members with their pictures and the character that they are playing. And that is not all! Each actor is hotlinked to the browse page, making finding all the torrents related to that actor just a click away.

Also, you can now see how many Speedians follow your favorite shows and who they are.

Besides that, we have a new tab!

You can now review and comment on Shows, rate them out of 5 stars or have a discussion on other reviews.

4. Torrent pages get TV Guide too!

The TV Guide now appears in Torrent pages too.

Making the details page much more informative. It might not be a new feature, but it gets the same rich details treatment with better UI and some new neat features. Like it indicates if you've already watched an episode, so you don't download the same episode accidentally.

5. Upload Notification got better!

Last but not least, Upload notification. Some of you might already know about this feature and some might not, we have good news for both.

For those who don't know, we have an awesome auto download feature in TV Guide page where you can download TV shows automatically as soon as it's available on the site without all the hassle of installing 3rd party applications or scripts.

You can find a very easy to follow step by step guide in our tutorials.
> TV Guide and Personal Profile Setup By @ SuperFruity

For those who know this feature, it got better!

Now you customize your notification to only trigger on first upload or every upload on site. No more 5 annoying notifications of the same episode or even worse, 5 downloads of the same episode!

We hope you like our new additions, and hopefully we keep this trend of keeping our members updated with all of the changes that we make behind the scene. And as always comments and feedback are welcome.