Welcome our latest users :: hellforcerz ,,, Nacer27 ,,, mydomain ,,, succube2013 >> all torrents are freeleech tonight enjoy the gift .. best way to help with maintaining a ratio ... and also welcome to our site we need To see more of you coming as this site grows fast with great features..like our new forums games, easy to use torrent list .. Enjoy !!! Share RoyalTorrent.com as it is the fasted growing torrent site of 2017 ...: ole:: ole:

Looking for seeders, uploaders, staff, and more apply at the top of the page

We are looking for Moderators and other staff positions, if you have some time in a day to help out then give it a message!

No harm trying.

We are also encouraging previous users to help seed as much as they can to help grow our database as it is because of all you fans are available to make this happen ..

So we decided to make a prize package for the most seeder in the months of July.

Here is how to win, If you have seeded in the top 10 list you have a chance to win in July there will be a new Winners Circle and could be awarded double bonus points or double upload rate, 100GB free downloads and more. .. We are established at over 1500 users and can keep going strong with the right support .. please consider contributing to the site from the beginning and we love all our users and up .. come by registrations are free now tell your friends

Come back and anytime and there is a new thread in the forums to play fun games, you just have 2 days left to post in the last person to post wind game .. come by and have some fun

RoyalTorrent Team,

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