RFM's October Offer

Howdy folks,

We have a special offer for you for the ENTIRE MONTH OF OCTOBER.

Here's how it works:

If you donate 10 euro in the month of october, we guarantee a 30 GB bonus added to your upload amount. It doesn't matter whether you have a positive or negative GB difference, the 30 GB is guaranteed. So instead of getting only 10 GB, we reward you with an additional 20 GB(1). How's that for an offer...!

The recent site issues related to the mail server and torrents not working, are coming from the fact that we kinda reached the limit of our current server.... Woops, but that's actually quite an accomplishment because that means we have filled our HDD's with all your wonderful torrents!

Not only will you support your own cause, you will also help Racing For Me in the process. Obviously all donations will be used for server payments and all other community related costs.

So by supporting Racing For Me by donating 10 euro, you get 30 GB upload credit, for the entire month of october(2)!

The RFM Team.

(1) = If you have a positive GB difference and prefer to have the 2 invites instead, then that is not a problem.
(2) = With a maximum of three single donations.