Something about invitation

Dear PTHOME members, Thanks for your support and tolerance in the past two years. From building a website to growing it, it is inseparable from the hard work of the official staff, but also depends on the long-term seeding and uploading of all members. Then we will have higher demands on ourselves and strive to do better.
Due to during the initial construction of the site, we gave away too many invitations to our users, which caused the redundancy of the invitations. After discussion by the management team, we decided to reform the invitation policy to better develop our site. The specific measures are as follows.
1. All users' existing permanent invitations will be converted to temporary invitations until 2021-09-19
2. Upgrading without free invitations given
3. Permanent invitation purchasing (bonus) will not be available any more, you could take temporary invitation purchasing instead, which will be expired 7 days after purchasing
4. Lower the threshold for ordinary class users to send invitations
5. VIP users with high donation amount can keep the permanent invitation quota in their account
6. Invitational exchange activities such as exchanging bonus will be conducted


PTHome Management Team 2020/09/15