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Explanation on the selection of torrent labels

Recently, there are many new friends who have entered the website. Some friends made mistakes in the selection of tags during the seeding process. Here is an explanation:
Official: Refers to the resources of the PTHOME official release group, this tag is only applicable to the resources of the PTHOME official group
Original: Refers to the original disc purchased and released by yourself, the original disc produced by your own DiY, encoded by yourself, and downloaded from the video platform by yourself, including music, audio books and other resources obtained by other users.
Mandarin & Cantonese: Refers to Mandarin dubbing and Cantonese dubbing
Official character: Refers to the resources produced by the official subtitle group of this site. This label is only applicable to the resources of the official group of PTHOME
Chinese characters: Simplified/Traditional Subtitles
DOLBY VISION: Refers to Dolby Vision, different from Dolby panoramic sound, can be self Baidu, divided into single layer and double layer
HDR10: Refers to the video that contains HDR10 standard resources, more often found in media info: BT2020, HDR10 compatible
HDR10+: Refers to the video containing Samsung HDR10+ standard resources, which are relatively rare, users can do Baidu by themselves
Prohibited: It is forbidden to reupload resources from other sites. This label is generally not applicable to resources reuploaded from friend sites to this site. If you are the creator of the resource, please specify separately.
Reuploading: Reuploading is prohibited for a limited time, and resources cannot be reuploaded on other sites before the label disappears
DiY: This label is only applicable to DiY production of original disc resources
First release: This label is only applicable to the first release of Blu-ray original discs, and other resources cannot use this label
On request: Refers to the resources released on request [seed area]