Development Pipeline

With Orpheus being off the ground and running smoothly, we look forward to where we may bring the site with new features and bugfixes. While we're fortunate to have several developers on staff (and even moderators who contribute CSS because they're weird), making sure we develop a pipeline for getting new developers is important to us. To accomplish this, we've modified how we operate with regards to what we open-source. To begin with, we're more fully committing ourselves to the mission we had at Apollo, which is to open-source all parts of our sites as they are ready for public consumption, and to make it a priority to maintain this commitment. All of this code can be found on our publicly accessible GitHub organization. Additionally, in a greater commitment of establishing what it is we hope to accomplish in these projects, we're committed that for all confirmed bugs and approved suggestions, we will make an issue within the respective GitHub repository. Through this, we hope to make it easier for people to contribute more readily, whether it's just fixing one particular bug that irks them, or by contributing many fixes and improvements with the interest of joining the staff here at Orpheus. Additionally, in the coming weeks, we plan to put out a higher level roadmap of where we hope to take the various pieces that make up Orpheus in the years to follow. If you'd like to discuss developing for any of the components for Orpheus (or just code in general), feel free to join the #develop channel on IRC. Please follow the Changelog thread to see implemented changes and fixes.

Beta Team

We would like to open up applications to our Beta Team. While this team unfortunately never got off the ground at Apollo, we now have a more clear vision of their role and ability to allow them to better test features before they're live for the main site. If you're interested in this, feel free to inquire on apply.php.

Browser Support

To what might be the dismay of handful of people who use older browsers (one person claims to browse this site using IE6!), we will not be planning for or offering continued backwards support of older browsers. We plan to start incorporating modern features of web development to improve the site and simplify the coding. This includes things like flexboxes, query selectors, let declarations, dropping jQuery, etc. which allows for a smaller, cleaner codebase. In doing this, we understand that browsers that are 4+ years old may experience breakage in using the site, and while we apologize in advance for this, in the end, it's in your best interest to upgrade your browsers and allow us to better serve you with nicer code and fancier features.

Password Length

We currently utilize the bcrypt algorithm to handle hashing of passwords. While this is a wonderfully strong algorithm, it unfortunately limits the maximum length of passwords to 72 characters (any additional characters are disregarded). We will be releasing a patch to our usage on Sunday, November 18th at 12:00 GMT where we will lift this requirement to allow for longer passwords. For anyone using passwords longer than 72 characters, we advise you to change your password to be at most 72 characters before then to ensure you're able to login after the change. If you are able unable to login following this change, you will need to follow the "Forgotten Password" box on the login page or come to #help on our IRC.

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