Where's my buffer and why isn't it bigger?

An update on the state of buffer and torrent ownership.

Torrent Reassignment
At the present time, around 200,000 torrents have been reassigned to 4,254 users who joined through recovery. Not everyone has been handled, but these are the easy cases (and more people continue to join). This will continue in the coming days and weeks.

Buffer Adjustment
No download stats will be transferred from the previous site: your download stats reflect what you have downloaded from Orpheus, and will continue to do so.

Extra upload stats will be transferred according to the following Athena-Spine algorithm:

The calculations below are in addition to any upload buffer you have already earned on Orpheus. If you already have 10GiB uploaded, you will have 10+x afterwards. The description below explains how to determine x.

Torrent uploads
If you uploaded 0 torrents, 0 buffer is awarded (but see below).

From 1 to 4 torrents, 5GiB per torrent is given. (So that you need to upload 1 more torrent and earn 5GiB of upload to reach PowerUser class).

From 5 to 49 torrents, 25GiB for the first 5 torrents and 500MiB per torrent for the remaing torrents. (You need to upload 1 more torrent and 500MiB upload to reach Elite class).

From 50 to 499 torrents, 100GiB for the first 50 torrents and 800MiB per torrent for the remaining torrents. (You need to upload 1 more torrent and 800MiB to reach TM class).

For 500 torrents or more, 500GiB for the first 500 torrents and 500MiB for each additional torrent. You will be promoted to the appropriate class over TM depending on how many distinct torrent groups and perfect FLACs you have uploaded.

IRC Presence
If you joined after the backup date and connected to the IRC server, your userclass was recorded in your hostmask. Your final userclass will be used to round up to reach the equivalent userclass (10GiB for Member, 25GiB for Poweruser, all the way to 500GiB for TM+.)

This will also have an effect on people who were promoted after the backup date.

For instance, If you uploaded 50 torrents in the backup (which would make you Elite), but have TM as a recorded hostmask in IRC, your additional buffer will be bumped up to 500GiB overriding the previous calculation based on torrents uploaded. It is up to you to upload the missing torrents to regain TM+ status.

This is one more reason why you should hop onto IRC and join in the fun. We have games!

Download and Request Activity
If you downloaded from Apollo, or made requests, this means that you were an active member.

The total of your Download stats and Request bounties and votes are added together and the result is halved. This result is added to the figure above.

The Love Factor
Because we love you, what ever number comes out of the above formulae is multiplied by 1.5 (i.e. a straight 50% increase).

You will receive a PM containing the details of the calculation that was applied in your case. This requires new code which is currently being tested.

And remember, once you receive your buffer, don't hoard it... spend it. You never know what will happen tomorrow.

--OPS Staff