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Dear nCore users,

October 23rd, the anniversary of the 1956 War of Independence.

With that in mind, I would like to offer you a book pack of seven books.

The books are works of Imre L. Lukács, who unobtrusively depict the human and inhuman side of socialism. In a word, I do not claim to be easy readings, as each book describes the fate of once truly alive people. However, I dare to say that the works of Imre L. Lukács are real treasures for readers who want to know more about socialism, freedom struggle, forced labor camps or NGOs.

The Hungarian Golgotha ​​is also particularly noteworthy because the Fate of Agents - Agent? Fates? book identifies Imre Lukács as one of the major contributors to the 1956 Revolution. On the other hand, in the version of Imre Lukács, the name of the former Member of Parliament, who was also named in the fifty sixths involved in the reports, appears.

With a few exceptions, the heroes of the revolution, like the writer himself, are all dead, so they cannot defend themselves against any reinterpretation of history and the rejection of their version. Due to some recent changes in the law, documents previously considered official do not allow their relatives to clarify them.

Perhaps this is how we can work together to share with those who are interested the versions of the history of that small country that have survived that time.

It is worthwhile to begin reading with the Death Stage and end with Yesterday's Poor.

Thank you to everyone who downloads, reads, shares or presents, uploads, or converts.

Krisztián Zoltán Lukács
Pairdime Books
Szeged, October 10, 2019

On the stage of death
My father still travels
Camp on the plain
Hungarian gulag
Conversation with God
The Testament of Imre Nagy, the Hungarian Golgotha
Yesterday's poor