Google Translation:

Dear nCore Users!

We are sitting in a completely shitty 2020 year. I watch in horror as peopleís lives fall apart and as businesses get into difficult, often unsolvable situations.

As P**** is not a livelihood enterprise, but rather just a hobby company, which cannot be shaken by this crisis, we are trying to smuggle a little good into the world with our own tools.

Thatís why Iíd like to offer to the nCore community to consider every release we accidentally leak to the site during 2020 as a legal offering on our part.

To make these not just empty words, I have made available to nCore the eight volumes of our Jenő Rejtő series in epub version.

Uploading the rest of our books is up to you.

Take care of yourself and I wish everyone to get through this epidemic!

K**** Z**** L****