Again came the horrors of the night ... and zombi- boszorkányhadak became the main target for this year as well.

As the years pass, the failed attacks increasing aggression, hunger and desire for revenge provoke major ... ellenségeinkből a goal in front of our eyes: they are prevented from carrying out their plan!

Today ranging from evening Thus no one can feel secure because this year it will begin enjoying great success among users..

For those of you who have joined the camp site user, here is a brief description of the event recently:

The horrors using new tools swung a vicious attack, and took over the management: new defensive line built themselves and then immediately began pumpkins, and other figures of the bomb site.

We ask you to joint collaboration to strengthen our defenses! If these figures elkapjátok time, you feel that this site is not serious damage, otherwise the consequences will be devastating battle!

Help ye certainly not go unrewarded, but Pay Attention to the fact that there is a particularly dangerous figure from this year's harvest!

Most of the figures catcher users are rewarded after beating back attacks. The rewards available, namely the following:

• The 500 most user-figure reward 1000 points catcher!
• The 100 most user-figure reward for one month Catcher Legend ranking, and 1000 points!
• Who in the figures, 93% of reflection helps at least one year Legend rank of 2,000 points and a Master Spooky custom color will be ranked as a gift!

For our users, who have never been exceeded at the end of the month the number corresponding to their rank Hit'n'Run options give you 2000 points. Those who once lived in the possibility of receiving 1,500 points who twice, in 1000 and they became wealthier points.

If you feel like talking to teammates with you, seek for IRC Channel!