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General Rules - Requests:

Make sure the request you are about to make is not already requested or uploaded to the tracker!
Do not request an existing material on the tracker just because it does not have Romanian subtitles.
It is mandatory that your application includes, in addition to an appropriate description, a suggestive link (eg gamespot for games and imdb for movies).
It is forbidden to request materials that have not yet been released.

Failure to follow these rules will lead to the deletion of the request and a warning!

Request content:

Description. With a simple Google search you can get a complete description of your material.
IMDB link (in case the desired material is a movie) -
Link on GameSpot (in case the desired material is a game) -
Or another suggestive link - or others (Youtube links are not considered information links).
Optional - Screens and trailers (for movies and games).