Those using free streaming apps Navi-X and TVAddons may be inadvertently sending all their information to a law firm.

KODI fans have been warned that they are being closely watched by a law firm.

Canadian legal experts have taken over the websites registered to the apps Navi-X and TV Addons, which help Kodi users watch pirated films, sports and TV shows.

Kodi has become a phenomenon among Brits, who might be more familiar with the term “Kodi boxes“.

The app is installed onto set-top boxes (which look like a cable telly device) and can be plugged into your TV.

But it’s the “Add-ons” like Navi-X and TV Addons which let you watch streams of Sky Sports and box office films for free.

Legal disputes have led several “add on” services to shut down – which means viewers are left with blank screens.

And now a Canadian law firm which has taken over the running of the website is warning that it’s watching who is accessing the services.

It’s not issuing and legal action – but there are fears it could be storing viewers who access pirated materials’ details for a later date.

Anyone who hasn’t wiped their device or updated it to a new “ad-on” service could be transmitting their data to the lawyers right now.

Millions of Brits use Kodi boxes to stream pay-per-view sport, films and TV shows on their telly for free.

But following a recent European Court ruling, which deemed the boxes to be illegal, over 200 distributors of the gadget have stopped selling them.