Recently, a mysterious KAT website surfaced online and it looks like it is functioning very well. The moment KickassTorrents was taken offline, sites related to it such as,,, were also shut down as well. Since then, other torrent sites like ThePirateBay and ExtraTorrents have been enjoying an increase in traffic as a result of the fatal fate KickassTorrents had to face. appears to be a mirror site for KickassTorrents and the moment it surfaced online, fans rushed to access it along with other proxy sites to download their pirated content.

The mirror site,, could be running on KickassTorrents' old database and KAT fans can still salvage their old files through the mysterious link, according to a report published on University Herald. However, KickassTorrents still lives as fans keeps its memory and function alive through Yet, users should still take heed when accessing mirror sites because they could just be spam sites trying to phish for the user's private data. provides the same look and feel as and it is accessible for everyone who wishes to download their copy of pirated media. While is fully functioning, users have to be careful as United States officials and Expicio seem to be on a mission to take down all torrent and mirror sites. is proof that KickAss Torrents still lives, but eventually it might meet its own demise when "copyright trolls" show up and start crashing the torrent community, Mobile & Apps states. Expicio, an anti-piracy group, is still not satisfied after taking down KickassTorrents because it is now running after ThePirateBay.

"Copyright trolls" are not leaving any stone unturned. Excipio's continuous hunt for torrent sites leads them to conclude that torrent users are just as guilty as torrent site owners. Any user caught downloading pirated media will be fined $233 per downloaded film and users have to pay in cold hard cash.

Copyright trolls are obviously running on a "cheap now, expensive later" mentality as they are targeting about 500-1000 file sharers as a start. If anti-piracy groups are only after films, this means torrent sites can't completely be shut down. Although, if Excipio comes after users and torrent owners sharing files like software or music then torrent sites will no longer have anything to share anymore.