Happy Birthday iS!

This month iS turns 9! Nine years is amazing and its all thanks to all of you totally amazing, wonderful, and awesome (I could use more adjectives but you get the idea) users! Thank you so much for being you!

Of course an iS birthday bash would not be complete without some chances to play in some fun games and win some awesome prizes. The following events are on deck this month:

Scavenger Hunt:
Starting July 14h, images will begin appearing randomly throughout the site. Users can work together to find them! Medals will be given out to those who successfully locate one. Once all the images are found, the site will earn x2 uploads for a week!

Lotto Grid:
A lotto grill will be posted to the forums. Make your guess for your chance at some really awesome prizes.

Each week a lottery will be run. Be sure to get your ticket for a chance to win it all!

Quiz Shows:
Of course a celebration would not be complete without a quiz show, or two! The first quiz show will be held on July 17th at 7PM EST and will feature questions about the site, its users, and its staff! On July 30th, at 7PM EST will be the second quiz show. This will feature great tunes and requests so the trivia questions will be farther apart but the prizes greater!

Invites/Open Doors:
We ran a poll to see what everyone thought of us opening the doors for our birthday. The poll was extremely close, with the “I don't care” capable of turning the tide either way. We are still deciding internally, and a firm announcement will come in the middle of the month.

Until then...we would like to encourage everyone to use their invites. To that end every user that invites someone will receive a 10,000 BP bonus and their invitee will receive an additional 5,000 bonus points to boost their ratio. We will also be giving out invites like candy, so if you run out, just give any staff member a shout to get a few more.

Of course we could not have made it 9 whole years without the totally awesome generosity of our donors. An extra special huge thank you to those that have donated past and present!

Donations not only keep the lights on and the hamsters powering the servers fed, but also go towards new hardware upgrades that enable us to deliver better performance and more features.

So to that end, and because it is the iS birthday celebration, we are running so extra special donation specials this month!

7 Day Freeleech
– Will see its cost cut in half, making it the cheapest donation option ever. If you have ever thought about donating but wasn't sure, this is a great chance to test it out. Remember all donations are handled through a secure processor, Stripe. No one on staff ever receives your credit card info.

60 Day Freeleech
– Will see its freeleech time increased to 90 days and its upload reward doubled!

Lifetime VIP
– Lifetime VIP will remain half price! As an extra special bonus, those who choose to go lifetime will receive an extra special medal, just for the iS birthday bash. Those that are already lifetime VIPs fear not, there is a medal coming down the pipeline just for you!

All Other Options – Will see their relevant bonuses doubled!

Please, if you have the means, please, please, please consider donating. It will be going to a great cause!

A humble thank you to one and all!