Hello fellow Immortalseeders,

We would like to update everyone on a few issues and announce a few changes coming down the pipe!

[Scene Releases]

Our Immortal Seed Gods have re-secured their source of official scene releases and so those are now coming in more reliably and on time. There is even talk of them having a new backup source to further enhance their reliability.

[Non Scene Releases]

While any issues with official scene releases have been resolved, non scene releases such as 480ps and Xvids have not been. These releases are done by small groups who are not bound by scene rules. As such, they have become much more...reclusive..as of late.
While we have not given up hope, we do understand that these releases are still very popular and sought after. To that end, we are altering the site rules for these releases ONLY. Here are the new rules:

480p and xvid versions of releases may be uploaded by any user, regardless if the show is on the airs list or not.
All future 480p and xvid uploads will now receive X2. This is not retroactive. Rules regarding duplicates apply. Only the first upload of a release will be kept, all subsequent uploads will be deleted.


Donations have been running very lean the past few months. For that reason we have kept the double donation rewards going in an effort to encourage more generosity. Additionally, while the price of goods have gone up, our donation packages have remained the same. To that end we are announcing a change in the donation packages. The new packages will be as follows:

Freeleech 1 $25 - 30 days, VIP access with site wide freeleech.

Freeleech 2 - $50 90 days VIP access with sitewide freeleech. Essentially, buy two months, get one free.

Upload 1 50 GB Upload Credit $10

Upload 2 150 GB Upload credit $25

Upload 3 500 GB Upload Credit $100

Ratio Booster 1 $10 Remove 5 GB of Download to a max of zero

Ratio Booster 2 - $25 Remove 30 GB of Download to a max of zero

Ratio Booster 3 - $80 Remove 150GB of Download to a max of zero

Lifetime VIP - $500 Be our hero and enjoy lifetime VIP freeleech and additional perks.

All donation packages will come with a compliment of invites and bonus points.

These packages will go into effect next week (March 26). Double rewards will continue until then, so if you still want to take advantage, we encourage you to do so while they last!

[New Site Features and Fixes]

Our Team of coders (notably Marabon) have been working tirelessly to enhance the underlying code that power iS. Most of these changes have been under the proverbial hood, and not noticeable to us. However, they will allow future enhancements to the site, so stay tuned for those! One notable fix was to the tracker itself, so now stats are more precisely tracked.

Additionally, fixes and features are being added to the popular blackjack game in an effort to make everyone's time there a bit more enjoyable. More details about any fixes or changes will be published on the blackjack page!

[Hardware Upgrades]

We are in the process of upgrading our support servers. Within the next few days they will be brought on line. These new boxes have increased capacity in both storage and ram/processing power. IRC will be switched over to a new server operating the latest versions of latest versions of software that powers it. This means a faster, more reliable experience and future feature enhancements!

The primary server will be upgraded next. This will mean a faster experience while you use the site and more reliability during high traffic times. It will also be able to support more dynamic enhancements to the site. More on that in future announcements!

Of course, all of this takes money. The more we have, the better servers we can obtain. If you have been thinking about donating, now is the perfect time to do it! If you are worried about your anonymity, we do now accept bit coins! If your re able to do so, please donate today. Any help will go a long way!