New User Ranks!

We are excited to announce the creation of two new user groups!

The first group is the Immortal Prophet is granted by one action: reigning supreme in an Immortal quiz and other IS events! We are moving away from giving VIP time and instead going one step further. Now the winning member will stand out in the crowd with a one of a kind suit! The rank will, of course, include free leech!

The second group will be called the Supreme Scribes. To be a Supreme Scribe means that you are a God among users. Among other goodies rewarded upon entry into the rank, you have the option of having your total download, what ever its number, brought to zero. You will stand outside the fold and look down at the competition with a pristine ratio. Of course, your download can be recorded, if you chose to walk among the mortal ranks at a later date.

This rank will also allow access to an exclusive forum to converse with staff to offer feedback and help shape new features that will be introduced to all members. This, of course, means beta access to features, where applicable.

Entry to this rank is by donation only. Once a member of the Supreme Scribes, you will be, for ever and always known as a Supreme Scribe.