With the occasion of the Easter Holidays, we offer you a simple compentition but extremely advantageous. Search all torrents that have a strict connection with the Holy Easter Holidays and with Our Lord Jesus Christ, exampleJesus.of.Nazareth.1977.PAL.2xDVD5.D10 and post them just down this topic. The essential condition is that the torrent to be valid and counted, they have to been downloaded by you and to keep it at seed, till the award day. The torrents that are posted on and will be valid on your profile and downloaded and kept on seed, will not be counted as for this contest.

The users that find, download and keep the torrents on seed that have connection with the Holy Easter Holidays, will be awarded as:

1st Place - 300Gb + 10000 points bonus
2nd Place - 250Gb + 6000 points bonus
3rd Place - 200Gb + 3000 points bonus

The differentiation of the winners will be as the number of the torrents posted, download and kept at seed. The winners will be announced at the 3rd day of Easter Holiday. The staff wish you Happy Easter and good luck !

The contest topic is HERE(click)