New collage dedicated to Mardigras flashers

Yup, you read it right. We now have a collage dedicated to women exposing their upper torso for plastic trinkets! You can find it here.

This collage is for clips of women flashing their mammarial appendages for fame, fortune and cheap tacky beads at Mardigras in Naw Lins, Lousy Anna. If you have similar content please add it. You will receive 20K credits that can be used to play the sluts or buy yourself some bling in the Boner (I mean Bonus) Shop. In addition, your torrent will be made Free Leech and you will have the undying gratitude of your peers!

(Content from Carnival, Fantasy Fest and any other celebration that include public displays of titty flashing qualifies for inclusion.)

Note: Only staff can make a torrent Free Leech. If you add a torrent to a collage please post a link to it in this thread so we can make it Free Leech and award you the bounty.