~ Important Notice ~

Notice on 2014 year-end assessment of HDWinG

PT should probably aim is to enable users to more convenient, easier and faster access to resources, rather than become a burden. Therefore, this special assessment is intended only to clean up inactive users. As for the inconvenience, please understand. Implementing Rules 1. Assessment objects: June 7, 2014 24:00 Registered members 2. Assessment Time: December 1, 2014 00: 00-2015 on January 31 24:00 3. assessment content:

Upload increment: 40GB
download increment: 80GB
increments seeding Points: 6000

Notes 1. You can redeem uploads to help pass the examination, does not affect your final seeding integral statistics; 2. Before beginning the assessment, the user can apply this exemption deduction 10W Integral year-end assessment, Click here to apply ; 3.Donor (have donated mark of honor members), producer or higher than users not involved in the assessment; 4. The assessment includes an incremental download, upload incremental and do kind of integral gain, you must complete all of the assessment Items considered by the assessment; 5. Pending users also need to accept the assessment, be sure to cancel the pending state before the assessment begins, look well known; 6. The final interpretation of this event HDWinG management group. If this assessment content with other existing regulations conflict with this provision shall prevail.

HDWinG Management Group