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Thread: HDSky News

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    HDSky News

    HDS group now pressing the following survey:

    About 1080p-x264 movies and 1080p-x265-10bit next generation of track need to package, or separately upload the next generation in the forum section of the track.
    Package advantage is that when you have a next-generation power amplifier to decode, you can enjoy high-quality audio re-encoded movie, the disadvantage is sacrificing volume, the next generation track capacity has several G, especially for x265 track volume is almost Close to the video. And in the absence of the next generation of amplifier when there is no effect, as with the ordinary 5.1 audio track.
    Members are welcome to participate in the discussion to express their views.

    114 references floor views for reference:

    packaging the next generation, we must first understand what is the next generation.
    At present the next generation are more common DTSHD-MA, DTSHD-HR, THD.
    If you want to play these next-generation audio track, you must have the appropriate device - the next generation of amplifier.
    At present, computers, players and so can not decode the next generation of audio track, only through the original code to the next generation of amplifier, the decoding work to the next generation of amplifier, the next generation of the next generation of power amplifier decoding light is lit, Lighting success.
    If you do not have the next generation of amplifier, of course, you can play the sound, the general decoder will directly extract the core of the next generation of audio tracks to decode, is the corresponding DTS, AC3 core. At this point the significance of packaging next-generation audio track will no longer exist, instead of hard disk space becomes useless data.

    When you vote, please think about you can not decode the next generation, you play the sound is not the next generation.

    Written at the end:
    Panorama sound track Similarly, the need for panoramic audio amplifier to decode, the cheapest panoramic audio amplifier is at least five digits.

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    well x265 is the future, but not anyone can encode it, PHD's internal team UTR-HD is the best x265 team that i've come across

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