Google Translation:

Hello everyone,

we start another year and now things are going to get harder and more severe.

Drastic measures are going to be taken and we will let you know so that you don't have problems later.

As of today, VPNs are totally prohibited, this means that if we see any user who does not use their IP from their home line it will be automatically banned without option to replicate, we do not want to see a IP that is not Spanish, if a user has more than 5 different Spanish ips will be banned, this means that we understand that you use the home, work and wifi ip of the bar in your area, but that of having up to 30 different ips not will never be tolerated, if one day someone looks outside and cannot connect to anything, they will know the reason, not to use VPN, any of you would use these browsers:


Aloha Browser

Tenta Browser.

Orbot Proxy with Tor.

Globus VPN Browser.

SaferVPN for Chrome.

VPN Proxy Browser.

And these browsers have built-in VPN, for those who do not know about the VPN, it is an application to camouflage your IP and think that you connect from another country or another area.

Look very well what you do, you are advised. Then we don't want scares.

Remember a maximum of 5 ips and always the same, if we see 4 ips from Madrid and one from Barcelona, for example, you will be banned automatically.

If more a greeting from the staff of HD-Olimpo