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Thread: HDFans News

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    HDFans News

    Google Translation:

    Please members who upload torrents frequently need to pay attention, do not choose encode at will! Choose the right source and medium.

    Recently, many new friends have come. Pay attention when uploading torrents. The source and medium on our site are not the same as other sites. The source generally refers to the production method, and the medium refers to the production source or encoded source.

    Encode is only selected in very rare cases, that is, when re-encoding works are used for second compression,

    there are also remux works, you should choose UHD remux or BD remux where the source is, rather than remux where the media is.

    The remux option of the media is only selected when remux resources are used as the source of encoding or production.

    For other situations, please refer to this post: here

    We hope you will treat this with your heart and take a little time to make the right choice.

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