High-definition download and high-definition online dual repair gameplay:

The most popular 4K CoreELEC local player & clouddrive2 cloud player currently sold on the Internet

*** 4K Blu-ray original disc local powerful player cloud disk NAS. Dolby Atmos original disc online playback hard drive player:
1: Player performance It meets 4k60 frames HDR10, which is much better than the Android version. Supports Blu-ray original discs, BDMV and iso formats, and 3D. High hardware configuration, good picture quality, and strong decoding capabilities!
2: The audio channel supports next-generation audio tracks TrueHD, DTS-HD, ATMOS panoramic sound, and DTS source code pass-through. Remember, it is source code pass-through, which can directly light up your amplifier. This alone is much better than Apple TV's infuse! (infuse does not support audio pass-through)
3: Can decode lossless music in almost all formats such as FLAC, WAV high-fidelity music and DSD original discs.
4: The most powerful point is that you donít need a hard disk or a NAS that costs thousands. You can directly mount the cloud disk to achieve lossless output of audio and video quality (remember it is lossless output, and the audio and video quality are not compressed). No transcoding, the effect is the same as when you download it for local playback. This has been tested by a large number of users.) From now on, you can say goodbye to time-consuming and laborious downloads. For example, it usually takes 1-2 hours to download a 60G original disk. , and it only takes 1-2 seconds to transfer to the cloud disk and play through our box, which greatly improves the efficiency of your movie viewing! Our original intention is to create a product that is low-priced and can satisfy the majority of audio and video enthusiasts. For a few hundred dollars, you can experience the fun of 4K immersive movie viewing.
5: There are two main prices:
standalone Blu-ray theater system: 439. Preferential price within the group: 400.
Android + Blu-ray theater dual system: 499. Optimized price within the group: 480.
If you are interested, you can find out more. This system has been
carefully deployed and tested by the team for more than three years. As long as the home network speed is ≥300 MB and the router performance is not too bad, you can watch the 4K original disk online without lag and fast forward in seconds! Designed for cost-effective family viewing!
6: For those who play high-definition, I will teach you how to connect to the Internet correctly and connect to the cloud (115 or Alibaba Cloud Disk).

Buying group: 680625521 clouddrive2 Group buying discount: 299. You can see the last information.