As we continue to improve our site offerings, increase our content & retention and our general site functionality, one key aspect within HD4Free we pride ourselves on is our staff's ability to facilitate questions, concerns & general user support on a daily basis.

We are currently looking for a few select individuals to fulfill the role of FLS for HD4Free. This is a very important role that will require your free time and commitment. You will be our First Line Support for users via our Ajax Chat Shoutbox onsite as well as idling within our IRC channel.

The application is currently open to all users/classes in good standing.

Please provide information specific to your online experience.

A few aspects we're looking for comments on are as follows:
Torrent Experience - years of experience
Uploading experience ?
Any previous FLS experience on other sites?
Torrent Program usage experience ?

These are just a few areas we're interested in, please feel free to add further information.

Keep in mind, we will not be assigning FLS duties to users for simply site "status" so please take your submission seriously, you will be given this opportunity to support our users questions and help improve the community as a whole.

We look forward to the responses and applications.

HD4Free Staff