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HD-Forever is 3 years old

Good morning all

The site opened on April 5, 2017 ... 3 years ago!

3 years, is young but the baby has already grown well!

Many teams, internal or not, have come to garnish the tracker with their works.

Special thanks to the encoders of the RipinPeace, SEL, SicFol, BEC, JacknRoll, Doudoune, Santec29, RisBD, MarbleCake, TSC, JKF, Team2Seul, Xantar, Gilmly26, BlackAngel, CorteX teams ... as well as the two "Flagships" teams " of the site: XSHD and HDForever. All our gratitude to those who give time and CPU to prepare these releases! The reposters are not forgotten either. Together with seeders, they are essential links in the P2P chain.
And all those I have forgotten in this list, or who were one day part of the adventure and who for some are sailing today towards other horizons.

Thank you also to our donors without whom the site would certainly have had to close its doors a long time ago.
Your help is greatly appreciated and even if we limit the calls for donations, they remain essential for the survival of the site and the tracker.

We also do not forget the moderation staff who every day take the time to check the uploads, explain the rules, train the new ones, animate the forum, update the collections, respond to the staff PM, to discuss developments ...

And of course the developers who in the shadows, code us new features, fix bugs, secure the site, all this voluntarily and without any advertising.

In three years HD-F has gradually built up a good reputation on the P2P Scene, in France but also, modestly, internationally. Our beautiful collection of French films is notably recognized for its diversity.

But we do not intend to stop there!

We intend to continue for a long time to enrich our catalogs of uploads, to develop functionalities to make your life easier, to buy and encode a maximum of Blurays ...

For this we still need you, whatever your role in this machine; we count on you !

And to thank you, the site will be freeleech in total from 05 to 12 April 2020 inclusive!

Take advantage of it and continue to make HD-F a better tracker every day!

The admin

Edit: and a special thank you to our admin without whom HDF would never have existed, who gives the site a lot of time (money!), And who takes most of the risks. Great recognition!