Reseeding Contest

Now that the image contest is over we would like to revive old unseeded torrents (it's because we practice necromancy). As you may have noticed, we have a ton of dead torrents on site. This is because our dead torrent pruner has been offline for a long time. As such, we will be spending the next month doing a reseed competition and then turning the pruner back on afterwards. But let's get as many torrents reseeded and keep them from being deleted!

All torrents that have been dead for at least 2 weeks are eligible for this competition. There are a ton of prizes available including many participation prizes, and some really large ones at that! Be sure to check them out!

The contest starts NOW and ends at the end of the month on July 31st.

For more information about how to participate and rules and prizes of the competition, check the contest thread link on bottom of this post!

Share Score

Today we have released a new major statistic we call Share Score (or SS for short). Your Share Score is similar to ratio but is based solely on how good of a seeder you are, not how much data you upload and download. It is a score from 0-15, although with bonus points, it can go up to a score of 20 at max.

Your score is made up of 3 different statistics:

  • Seeding / Snatched % (100% = 5 points) - 2 extra points are possible if you go over 100% by cross-seeding or uploading
  • Average Seedtime (100% = 5 months) - 2 extra points are possible if you go over 5 months
  • Seeding Size (100% = 1TB) - 1 extra point is possible if you go over a 1TB seed size

All of these stats are based off of what you have been seeding over the past week, not what you are currently seeding. This ensures your SS will not fluctuate wildly.

Your Share Score can be seen in your profile and next to your ratio in the site-header. There is a link to a breakdown of your Share Score in your profile in the links section.

Currently the only use for a good Share Score is bragging rights as the stat has been added to the Top 10. That said, in the near future a good Share Score will benefit your account greatly so we highly recommend working towards improving it!

-GGn Staff