Hey GazelleGames community! Our dedicated developers have come up with some new and exciting site features and changes, which we'd like to outline below.

Site Content Filter

We're expanding our adult filter to a more comprehensive and more powerful general content filter. Previously, the "adult filter" simply omitted any games tagged with adult from the search results and when browsing games. The new extended content filter will now apply to the entire site, including collections, requests, global freeleech pots, and even snatch and download histories. Further, when visiting a group that contains filtered tags, a warning page will be displayed instead, with the option to confirm whether you actually want to view that group.

The filter consists of distinct categories, each filtering based on one or more group or collection tags. The filtered tags can be viewed by hovering over the respective categories. There is now also the option for users to set their own custom tags, which can be combined with various categories or used as an alternative, and will function in the same way.

Because of the changes, the settings for all users have been reset, and filters nudity by default. The new nudity filter works exactly like the old adult filter did before. So if you had the adult filter enabled previously and don't want any changes, then there's nothing that needs to be done. As before, the options can be found in the user settings and can be changed freely.

Changes to the Accuracy (Snatched) Achievement

The various stages of the Accuracy achievement, increasing with the number of unique snatches, can currently be gained too easily by simply snatching a large number of torrents all at once. Due to the lax requirements, it is possible to quickly obtain a higher user class without much effort. As a measure, we will change the achievement to only count snatches that have been seeded for a minimum of 30 days. This won't make it harder on regular users, but will ensure that achievement points cannot be rushed as easily.

These changes will go live on March 1st. Once those changes take effect, snatches that don't meet the required 30 days seeding time will not be taken into consideration for the achievement. It's possible to be demoted to a lower class due to these changes, so make sure to seed your snatches!

To help everyone out who may not currently meet this requirement, we will be holding a 48 hour global freeleech this weekend. If you need to redownload your snatches to seed them more, now is your chance!

GGn Staff