Hello GazelleGames community!

As we've announced 2 months ago, we're going to clean up our GOG rules by removing the grandfather clause protecting older torrents that bundle goodies with gamefiles, as well as any associated rules.

In addition to this, we've now taken steps to rework and clarify our game uploading rules in general. Over the years, it's become clear that some of them have been hard to understand, while for others there were discrepancies between the wording and how they were actually applied. To address these issues, we've made changes to the uploading rules, which are aimed at improving their structure and making them more concise. If you're interested in checking out our older rules for a comparison, they will temporarily be visible in this wiki article: Old Games Uploading Rules

For the most part, this does not result in significant changes. However, we'd like to highlight two key changes to these rules:

DRM-Free Uploads: We've now clarified the status of DRM-Free uploads from DRM-free stores and set them apart from other home rips. Going forward, unaltered archives or installers from DRM-Free stores or the developerís website (and nothing else) should be labelled as DRM-Free.
Duplicates and Trumping: Since duplicates and trumping are very similar concepts, we've also merged the formerly separate sections into a single rule category. Essentially, an inferior torrent that would be trumped by something else is also a duplicate of that superior torrent.

This year, we've decided to hold a poll to determine GGn's Game of the Year 2020. Voting will take place over two stages, where the pick for the GOTY as well as special categories are nominated in the first stage, and then voted on in the second stage.

There will be a lottery amongst all participants with valid entries. In the first stage, posters have a chance to win 5x Personal Freeleech Token - Pack of 5, as well as 5x 10 Heads of Garlic, so be sure to cast your vote!

You can check out the thread for the nomination phase here and already nominate your choices!

Site Changes
Finally, we wanted to highlight some of the more important changes our developers have implemented recently. We've added Steam videos as an alternative source for trailers, as well as a wiki article listing the whitelisted hosts: Video Host Whitelist. We have further taken measures to prevent duplicate form submissions, which should stop accidental double posts, double request submits, and so on. Lastly, we have also added the option to reset IRC NickServ passwords directly from the profile. The relevant setting can now be found right at the bottom of the edit page.

GGn Staff