Untangle Inc., a leader in comprehensive network security for small-to-medium business (SMB), today announced the release of the latest version of its award-winning NG Firewall software featuring a new app, Tunnel VPN. Tunnel VPN can be used to create a persistent, secure connection between a home or office and a privacy VPN provider (like Nord VPN or Express VPN).

Benefits include:

  • Safeguarding personally identifiable information
  • Anonymizing browsing behavior
  • Preventing ISPs from selling browsing and app usage data to marketers or other third parties
  • Circumventing geopolitical restrictions

"The assault on net neutrality and data privacy in the United States, and the geopolitical climate worldwide, have increased the urgency for individuals and organizations to act in their own best interest when it comes to common sense cybersecurity measures," said Dirk Morris, Untangle's chief product officer. "With this latest release, Untangle furthers its commitment to providing straightforward tools to empower people to protect themselves, their privacy and their data."

Many countries monitor requests for or impose access limits on specific websites, media or apps. This can range from content expressing certain political views, information on historical events, region-locked content, unapproved types of entertainment, or copyrighted material. Further, many locations do not have access to ISPs (or governments) that respect net neutrality. In March, the U.S. Congress repealed broadband privacy protections that required ISPs to get explicit consent from consumers before selling or sharing web browsing data and other private information to third parties.

For these locations, Tunnel VPN can provide safe encrypted passage to a location that supports a freer internet and net neutrality. Rules can either statically determine what traffic goes through a tunnel (specific hosts or ports) or can dynamically shift which traffic uses the tunnel via tags. For example, a host can be switched to using a tunnel once Skype or BitTorrent usage is detected.

Pricing & Availability

Untangle NG Firewall version 13.1 is available as a free download and includes Tunnel VPN at no cost.