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Qu Yuan voted for the river, you and I voted for the sea

First of all, I wish you little dolphins a happy Dragon Boat Festival! We have packed 5 Token dumplings as a small gift for the Dragon Boat Festival and delivered it to everyone. Donít eat too much~

June 1, accompanied by the full launch of "Dolphin v2.0" and the anniversary composition, etc. For some anniversary events, we happily spent our first birthday!
In addition to the joy, a lot of work needs to be done, and some shortcomings need to be summarized. The following points are said:


With the development, we look forward to more small dolphins willing to join our working group, while showing their ambitions and ambitions, there are also generous work rewards and invisible benefits! The current main recruitment positions are as follows:

Torrent Inspector: seed inspection, responsible for seed inspection in the station, 5 people.
Forum Moderator: Forum moderator, responsible for the management of various affairs of the forum, 1 person.
IRC / TG / QQ Team: The management personnel of each chat channel (group), responsible for maintaining order and management, QQ 3 people / TG 3 people / IRC 5 people.
Interviewer: Interviewer, responsible for the interview of newcomers, 2 people.
Designer: Artist, imprint and theme style design, 1 person.

For specific job responsibilities and requirements, please go to [Recruitment] DIC Dolphin Family in the announcement area and invite you to join us! View and apply in the way posted.
In addition, many recruitment positions are always open. At any time, if you are willing to join the group, donít hesitate, donít look ahead, just contact us!

Open application summary

First of all, I am very happy that we have ushered in a new batch of dolphins to join the DIC, welcome you, I hope you can enjoy the different air and different life here! At the same time, thank you to all the auditors for your hard work!

This is the fifth time the application has been opened, and it is sad and joyful. The good news is that our open application has the highest number of inbound members; sadly, the pass rate this time is also the lowest. Let's take a look at the data:

this time, we received a total of 1511 valid applications, of which 415 were approved, 1066 were rejected, 30 were invalid, and the pass rate was 27.47% .

The old dolphins at the station know that we cherish every application. Although the review work is a bit hard, but each application is likely to be submitted by the user, and we will also give a corresponding reward.
The above invalidation is not invalid. Invalidity refers to such as "what kind of broken application do you have at a junk site, apply for NMB"? This is invalid. Invalidity refers to under certain special circumstances, we can provide users with additional information To review again. But the premise of supplementary information is the need to have the "inquiry code" at the time of application. This is very important. However, every time we will find that some users are unable to supplement the information due to loss, forgetting, or neglect, we will consider the perfect method afterwards. Avoid losses on both sides.

In this continent, the review system is the first of its kind, and this threshold and application methods have also brought some negative criticisms. The original intention of the audit system is to screen users. While we consider positioning, we also consider the strength of seed management and the carrying capacity of our new users. Another point is that we do not welcome soy sauce. Behind the dolphin seed inspection work is the long and strict rules. Under such rules, the inspection work is very intensive and takes time. Before any TI and TM take office, we have undergone our strict interviews, assessments, and a lot of The cultivation of time; the guidance of novices also requires huge time, energy and patience. As the saying goes, you donít know how expensive the rice, oil, and salt are when you donít have a home. When you are in a dilemma, you know the suffering. We are not arrogant, let alone pretentious, just stand by heart, we really hope to get the approval of any user, it is indeed a very beautiful thing, but we are well versed in the world, you are often misunderstood and slandered, you can not explain , Pale words, we tried hard to express a year ago, but with the development, we feel that more and more little dolphins accompany us on this journey, we know that only hard work can taste the dew in the distance, only Is the best proof. Fighting!

We have never talked about the standards we checked. This time we will summarize a direction for everyone to pass to the friends who have not entered the station. We welcome users who have good learning ability, great upside potential, good seed development and seed preservation ability, high stickiness to PT, and true love for music. These aspects are not all necessary. This is only one of our focus during the audit. There are, of course, other aspects, but the above items are more important. As for personal introduction, I can only say that the composition is not the only one, and it is not that there is no need for him, but through the words, we can feel the sincerity. After all, submitting an application is a confession and is willing to accept the application. This is obviously a heartbeat, but you have to take me directly to the hotel, or buy a soda, you need AA, then please be forgiving if the concubine can't do it.

"Dolphin has you" essay contest results will be released

This is an event of great significance to us, and it will last in history. Thanks to all the dolphins who participated in the writing and voting. I hope that users who did not participate in this event can actively participate in the site activities in the future. Now that the voting is over, we will announce the final awards in conjunction with the voting results of the working group. The awards will be announced in [2020-06-10] [Official] "Dolphins Have You" Essay Contest , the awards of the winners are distributed in the building The floor review shall prevail.

♫ DIC Working Group