Google Translation:

Users of PU and above can enter the invitation area. Be sure to read the rules carefully before asking!

1. You may find that some official invitations are different from previous NP-framed invitations, and some are locked. This does not mean that the invitation has been suspended. If you look closely, you will find that the invitation application is through PM (Site letter) is performed by the inviter, so there is no need to reply. This is a method set to protect the privacy of the applicant. Most of the foreign countries use this method, while the domestic may use more followers. Way, so please read the post description before applying.

2. Private invitations have one post per site. Before opening a new invitation, you need to use search to find out if there is already a private invitation to the site. If it already exists, just follow the post to post the invitation information. Using the PM method (same as above) to the inviter, whether it is rejected or approved, you must not reply to any content other than the invitation information in the private invitation post, such as "thank you for invitation", "registered" and so on. Affecting the privacy of the inviter and applicant, severe cases will be punished, please keep in mind.