Hello Noid,

We are now completing the registration process of Demonoid v5, so I'll explain a bit how it will work when the site is released. This will be listed in 3 categories.

Also, Demonoid has a massive traffic increase and is going into top 5 public trackers with many new and old uploaders jumping in. Traffic is roughly 700 torrents on daily basis and with over million unique visitors per 4/5 days.

The official Demonoid address is
// everything else is a fake.

1. First-time registration

When a new user comes to Demonoid v5 and gets on the registration page, there will be a very modern registration wizard with transition modals similar to for example Tumblr but more advanced. So the wizard will guide users through how to register.

2. First log in (Account migration)

This will be a key point for your existing Demonoid account, as soon as you log in on Demonoid v5, it will merge your account with v5 and you will be given options to modify your account details such as an avatar, email, and maybe even changing one-time only username. We have not yet decided this.

3. What happens if you don't merge your account on v5?

This is very important. So if you don't merge your account on Demonoid v5 (Log in to Demonoid), it means you have exactly 365 days from the day Demonoid v5 has been released to claim your account, or else your username will be free to anyone to register it again.

For example:

  1. User John hasn't been on Demonoid for 365 days after the Demonoid v5 has been released.
  2. A new user is now able to take John's username and John's account will be randomly renamed. Meaning when John log in to account, Demonoid will force John to take a new one.