If you’ve been downloading movies from torrents, then you’ve probably heard about the group named ‘YIFY’. If you haven’t, all you need to know about them is that they were a torrent releasing group specialized in releasing small size movies (Encoded Movies).

Following the TorrentFreak’s Post about YIFY being arrested shocked most of the netizens, mostly P2P users actually. Later it was also brought to light that the famous torrent tracker named ‘Demonii’ was maintained by the infamous group YIFY and since YIFY has been arrested, it’s being said that the MPAA and other governments are now monitoring this ‘Demonii’ Tracker and have started catching people who have been downloading the content illegally.

Various uploaders have pointed the same issue and have told their followers to remove the demonii tracker from the torrents they are downloading in order to get away from MPAA.

It can’t be said with surety that the agencies responsible are actually monitoring the tracker. But, to be on safer side, many uploaders have started removing the demonii tracker form their torrents.

If you’re an avid torrent downloader, it’s advised to remove this demonii tracker from each and every torrent you are downloading/seeding.