Dear Danish Bits users. Now slid once again a new competition launched here on Danish Bits

The competition is a film and music competition consisting of a lot of questions in those categories.

To win or be in the pot in the prize draws, you must:

1. Respond correctly to all questions
2. Be on our IRC channel to find the clues needed for the correct answer.
3. All answers are sent in a PM (private message) me! Send your answer here
4. When the answer of sent to me in PM writes to the right of the thread and I will post
come up with a status of all answers are correct in the posts in creating. In this way, the updated terms
whether the submitted correct or incorrect answer

5. No answers must be posted in the thread, since it obviously will destroy the competition. Are you stupid enough to it,
then this will have consequences !!!!!

The question asked is obvious. But things will not be too easy, some of the issue be
hidden in a part of the questions that make you have to be on our IRC channel to find these clues.
The lead wires will be shown on our main irc channel completely random and you will see the clue that
listen to what matters.
Some questions have some possible answers, whereas others are no help
If you do not irc installed and would like to participate, you can download our custom irc client

1st Prize: 3 month VIP
2nd Prize : 2 months VIP
3. Prize: 1 month VIP

To all those who correctly answer all the questions , there will be a draw for the three prizes.

In addition to these prizes will be raffled 10 of 100 GB upload to all who participate in the competition
and have answered all the questions.

To be in the draw for 10 100 GB upload one need
not having correctly answered all the questions.

The contest runs until December 1, 2015!!