The site has had some issues and I am sending a message that g********** posted to a Forum topic. Let me be clear that this deals mainly with uploaders and particularily new members. I am also posting this same statement on the Homepage for future reference. This is not a Public Site but a Private Site, therefore all torrents to be uploaded must MUST have the PRIVATE FLAG checked. I will suspend uploading privileges for anyone that violates this policy.

Now let's hear from g**********:

I see the problem. Small bug in the upload script, which was resulting in the site not setting the private flag when a torrent is uploaded. Normally what is supposed to happen is that any torrents uploaded should have the private flag set. This will disable DHT, PEX, and Peer Local Discovery,regardless of whether or not they were enabled at the time that the torrent was created. It should work now, if you encounter problems please let me know. Unfortunately, there is no way to fix any torrents that don't have the private flag set, (and DHT enabled), without breaking them. They would have to be replaced to make the issue go away in that particular set of circumstances.