Google Translation:

Dear users!
We are announcing an
upload competition on the site!
Everyone who participates in the competition will receive valuable prizes and gifts!
The competition lasts for 1 month.

1st place will receive 1 VIP rank for 1 month, plus 100GB of top-ups and 5,000 bonus points
2nd place will receive a 100gb upload and 4000 bonus points!
3rd place will get 50gb upload and 3000 bonus points!

Torrents that have been flawlessly uploaded and accepted by the staff, or torrents over 350 MB on the site can participate in the game!
Types of torrents that can be entered into the competition: Movies, Fairy Tales, and Games! (Books and programs do not).
The Competition runs from Monday, July 13, 2020 to Thursday, August 13, 2020!
We wish everyone good luck and good uploads!

Important: We set no exception during the Upload Competition, just enter as much seed time as you can!
Carp Hunter