Merry Christmas - The user cap will be raised and invites will resume

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and all that.

I know I said when all hit and runs are cleared I would raise the user cap again (meaning over the previous limit of 35,500)

Thank you to all the users who tried to clear your hit and runs and those that already did. I know I didn't give anyone much time but I'm impatient

One last thing from me. We went and cleared all the hit and runs from the system. Merry Christmas, everyone gets a fresh start.

The user cap will be raised and invites will resume in the same manner they were previously handled, meaning it's still limited to certain user classes. Just remember to invite people you actually know and have a good relationship with and bring only people who will seed here. Also of note this is more than likely a one-time ever amnesty for hit and runs. Don't bank on it happening again and amass an army of hit and runs. We will still go down the list manually and warn / disable users who abuse the system from here on out.

Thanks to all the staff here at BTN for doing what they do to keep this place running.
Thanks to all the uploaders, encoders, rippers, or whatever you'd like to call them for bringing some cool stuff to BTN for everyone to enjoy.
Thanks to all the users who donated to keep this shit afloat.
Thanks to all the users who download and seed and especially those that go above and beyond our required minimums.

2020 sucked for almost all of us. You all helped to make it a bit less sucky. Thank you again.