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Upload Festival!

In order to stimulate all our users, we are creating this Festival that starts on April 1st and ends on April 30th. All users who have uploaded on the site will be automatically participating in this event. As a reward for the winners, below are the prizes:

1st Prize: 7 TB of Upload + Promotion for Uploader + Ratio + 1 Invitation
2nd Prize: 5 TB of Upload + Promotion for Uploader + 1 Invitation
3rd Prize: 4 TB of Upload + Ratio

Minimum requirements
40 Games
30 Movies
10 Series
10 Applications
10 Musical CDs

Repeated title uploads will only be accepted if it is higher (quality) than the existing one. It is extremely important that uploads follow the rules, be sure to obey them!
Uploading rules
Don't miss out on this festival. We look forward to meeting the winners. If someone doesn't know how to upload,
here's how to upload Or ask for help via Staff pm or access our Forum!!

Good uploads